Brantwood, Coniston. Exhibition March 2022

We’re  really excited about returning to Brantwood on the shores of Coniston to exhibit some of Marks work in this beautiful Setting. Mark is busy painting at the moment,  as the exhibtion will show his oil and mixed media paintings. The theme is “From Fells to Shore”  The paintings will show the fells, rivers and valleys as they make their way down to the estuary and sea shore.

It opens on Wednesday March 16th and will run until Sunday 24th April.

Marks Latest Linocuts for 2021

Mark has been busy making linocuts to reflect the changing seasons here  in the Landscape in this picturesque corner of the Lake District.

The image shown is  his latest project: A multiblock print of the newly restored water mill at Boot, Eskdale

We’re  really hoping to get an exhibition together of  all of Marks lincouts  since his return to printing over 12 years ago. If not this year then next when we can confirm a venue.

Current Opening Times 2020

We had hoped to host Marks Solo Exhibition in August as usual this year but due to the Coronvirus we have postponed until 2021.

However the Gallery in Rosegarth on Main Street in Ravenglass can be visited by appointment (and will return to normal opening times when guidance allows). This shows a large selection of Marks works and you can arrange to view specific pieces that are shown on the website.

Marks Latest Linocut!

Just Call Sarah on 0777 388 6982 or email:  to arrange an appointment.

Gallery in Ravenglass

2020. We’re looking forward to opening the gallery at Estuary Views Gallery & Tea room in Rosegarth, Ravenglass again on February 15th , we’re normally open Wednesdays to Sundays (Thats when the tea rooms are open) But we’re happy to open the gallery at other times so if you’d like to come and view Marks artwork please call 0777 388 6982 to arrange a time.

Linocuts on Show

Marks linocuts are going to be in Brantwood House, Coniston, home of John Ruskin in a solo exhibition in the Studio starting March 30th and running until June 2nd. Join Mark for a private view on April 11th at 6.30 – 8.00pm

Oyster Catchers with Geese

Marks linocuts are also going to be shown in Appleby in the Courtyard Gallery as part of a Spring Print exhibition featuring well know Printmakers. Starts Monday 25th March

Printing Techniques

Marks on a tight deadline to get some more linocuts ready for next years submissions to exhibitions. As just one linocut edition can take 6 – 8 weeks to print its a race against time and a lot of hard work for Mark.

We’ve added a few pictures to show how Mark goes about producing them, together with a brief description.

Inking the Block

Cutting the block

Mark starts by drawing a sketch, carefully planning the colours as a series of colours over lapping each other, starting with the palest. He then begins to cut, using sharp tools, to carve away the parts of the block (wood or lino) that he does not want to receive the ink.

The raised parts of the block are inked, then a sheet of paper is placed over the block. The block is then run through a press. The cutting and inking process is repeated over and over again with each colour.

Mark may also use several reductions in lino and in wood, the blocks may have ink removed by rubbing with rags or paper, and graduations of colour may be created using very large rollers. All this opportunity for variation means that each and every print is slightly different and a unique piece of artwork in its own right.

Mark A Pearce, Painter and Printmaker Member of the Lake Artists Society Invitation

It’s that time of year again. Mark is getting ready for his annual solo exhibition in the Garth Suite at the Pennington Hotel in Ravenglass.

We’ll be getting the boards up and the lights out and then spend hours deciding where we should hang each picture!

Mark has some great new linocuts and many new oil paintings. We’ve also got some new fine art giclee prints taken from originals that have sold and also some new greeting cards.


We really hope you can join us. Dates and Times:


Open Saturday 18th August to Sunday 16th September.

Free Entry and open every day (except Mondays) 10.30 – 5.00 pm, although we will be open on Bank Holiday Monday.


Open Evening on Saturday 25th August 5.00pm onwards

Join Mark for a glass of wine and a look through his sketch books, we’ll have his old lino blocks on display and he’ll be able to talk you through some of the techniques he uses.

Tel 0777 388 6982   email: