Printing Techniques

Marks on a tight deadline to get some more linocuts ready for next years submissions to exhibitions. As just one linocut edition can take 6 – 8 weeks to print its a race against time and a lot of hard work for Mark.

We’ve added a few pictures to show how Mark goes about producing them, together with a brief description.

Inking the Block
Cutting the block

Mark starts by drawing a sketch, carefully planning the colours as a series of colours over lapping each other, starting with the palest. He then begins to cut, using sharp tools, to carve away the parts of the block (wood or lino) that he does not want to receive the ink.

The raised parts of the block are inked, then a sheet of paper is placed over the block. The block is then run through a press. The cutting and inking process is repeated over and over again with each colour.

Mark may also use several reductions in lino and in wood, the blocks may have ink removed by rubbing with rags or paper, and graduations of colour may be created using very large rollers. All this opportunity for variation means that each and every print is slightly different and a unique piece of artwork in its own right.